Video Blogger Templates

Online video is big these days with billions of videos being watched online every day. YouTube is the biggest video site of course and many people are making a living from making video and placing them online for others to watch and enjoy. If you are a video maker and would love to display your video on your own site, then blogger is the best CMS for you, you can upload video directly to blogger via the media section, or you can embed videos hosted elsewhere from websites like Vimeo and YouTube.

By using video you can engage a full new audience, for example, if you run a content site such as magazine or a blog, you can make YouTube channel and begin producing videos to go alongside your blog posts and they will support you gain traffic by appearing in the Google search outcomes and also appearing in the internal search engine in YouTube. Videos are make for best material to share among your social media profiles, video does especially well on Facebook with people preferring it to reading content there.

All of the themes are in this collection are responsive and mobile-friendly to make sure your tablet and smartphone users can access your website and view your content. Anyway, where shopping for the top video blogger themes, there are some other optional specs to look out for. Most of the themes here contain YouTube integration for importing content from this famous video sharing service into your own website.

Depending on the theme, you might also be capable to include membership functionality to your website. This permits you to place some or all of your content in a saved area. You can then need your visitors to either make free or paid access your video, providing you the choice of monetizing your site and its content.

To build your website you need a best blogger themes which is where our ultimate collection will come in handy for you – we have combined together over 15+ best blogger video themes for you. These themes have remarkable looking and modern designs, they are mobile-friendly and all have been designed with videos in mind. Use them to display your own content or make a site pulling in other peoples video, some of these will even let you make your own YouTube competitor.