Personal Blog Blogger Templates

Blogger is possibly the oldest blogging platform still energetically running on the web, Google Blogger has been home to millions of bloggers for over sixty years now, and still maintains a big stable market share in the content management platform list. Out of all the known sites that run a content management system, Blogger is used by 1.9 percent of those sites, which comes out at being used on 0.9 percent of all known sites to main; thanks W3Techs. Some stick with Blogger because it is a Google product, and you can expect top standard security and quality. Others enjoy the simplicity of navigation blogging dashboard for getting content out painlessly and fast.

Blogging has been one of the most important topics in the recent decade. Big or and little business owners have long come to the realization that blogging is an amazing medium for generating traffic, free exposure, extra sales, and generally for building community around content publishing. The advantages of blogging easily outweigh the negatives for having to set one up, and truly having to maintain one. From easy rewards like rise in search engine visibility and branding possibilities, to things like conversion rate, and authority increase – blogging has something to give for every person.

Google Blogger makes it rather simple to style your own blog the way you want it to look, you are just required to know a little bit of CSS and HTML to get started, and apart from that, any person is capable of making their own custom Blogger templates that they can share with their friends, and the community at big.

Now, we could say that a blog is almost necessity for every company, business, and creative individual. Even if you are none of the mentioned, you can still begin with a free blog templates and write about what you have been up to lately. Share your ideas and before you know it, people will start coming to your site to read your irresistible content. You can also write industry news, give an in-depth description of your recent project or anything else that comes to your mind.

Finding best personal blogger templates can sometimes be a hard, not because there is not any availability, but quite the opposite – there are so many remarkable templates and styles to pick from, the process of finding the best one can at times feel quite irresistible. We have decided to try and solve this mystery of finding your best template by putting together a list of the best free blogger templates that have been optimized and modernized with the most up-to-date specs, widgets and code standards.